July 26, 2017


After 5 months studying in The Netherlands, I decided to go on a last minute trip to Paris, France. Many of my fellow exchange students were traveling a lot, as for me, I stayed within The Hague most of the time. Paris was a place that I've always wanted to go because many of my favorite movies are taken place in this amazing city. Not gonna lie, but I had to watch "Midnight in Paris" the night before I left. It was a 4 day trip which was perfect to see the main parts of Paris.

Okay, other than the fact that the Arc of Triomphe was a breath-taking architecture, I just could not find a way to get to it. It must have been all the walking I did, but the entrance just didn't come to my eyes. After about 30 minutes of circling around, I finally managed to find the steps that went under to get to the centre of the arc. 

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of being a tourist and doing all the tourist things. This trip to Paris wasn't gonna change the way I travel. My friend who accompanied me during this trip, we had so much mental damage from all the work we did for the semester. We just looked at few of the must-see places and strolled around the city and went shopping. Everyday, we grabbed a baguette from a market nearby our airbnb and headed to the eiffel tower. I've seen the eiffel tower from so many movies, and always dreamed of going. Once seeing the Eiffel tower, I couldn't believe that I was there. Even now, as I'm writing this, it seems unreal to me that I was there. To put it simply, it was seriously one of the most breathtaking piece of architecture I've seen. Especially at night, it was so romantic, I'll definitely have to come back with a boyfriend in the near future.

Just one touristy experience we had was the visit to the gardens of Versailles. Going into the castle would have been great, but the line was, too long... I was not going to spend the whole day standing in the line. So we just went to the gardens and took a huge lap around the garden. We made is just before the rain and headed out when it just started to sprinkle. The gardens were great, I just kept thinking of how many people it must take to maintain it in such good condition and I couldn't help but wonder how nice it would have been to live here as Marie Antoinette.

Still can't get over the fact that I was in Paris! I wish to love to come back here oh so very soon.
Paris, you were great!

March 6, 2017


Living in The Hague gives me a lot of options to travel different places in Europe. The first trip I decided to take is to the city of Brussels, Belgium which is just a 2 and a half hours bus trip away. Met up with my other friends who were traveling Italy and met up in Brussels. It was a one day trip for me, which at first I thought would be too short of a time, but surprisingly, it was the perfect amount of time to look around the great city. Fell in love with the architecture and just the vibe of the streets there. Oh! and can't forget about Belgium waffles! Seriously loved it here and I'm sure I'll be back very soon, since it's so close! 

February 1, 2016

Jeans de Madre

My friends are always say that I'm always wearing black. I mean how can you get sick of an all black outfit? It's the best way to go. Despite my love for black clothing, recently I've been into mom's jeans.  I love a good high-waisted pants and the fit of mom jeans are so comfy and minimal. Since all I have is black, I've been pairing mom's jeans with a black top and coat/jacket. It's been my go to outfit these days. I only have one pair of mom's jeans.. I'm gonna have to get some more!