December 17, 2010

Teenage Rebellion

Hello Readers~!
Today I share with all of you an editorial of the Spring 2011 issue of Stockholm Magazine.
This editorial was inspired by teenage rebellion shot by Hasse Nielsen.
I have about less than a year in my teenage years until I go in the 20's!! Maybe I'll try being a cool rebellious teenagers like they are! They look so cool!!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these looks. i love badass styles with a femme look to it.. if it makes sense? but i really like the girl with the black toque and all the ripped leggings :)

  2. Hi dear!
    Thanks for your comment and for the following! I'm following you with Blogloving!

    See you soon
    Love Cindy

  3. Ripped fishnets, the galiantly flying flag of the goth teens! They got the image spot on - even if all the pieces are designer they really managed to convey the carefree & carelessness of teenage youth!

  4. these shots are so amazing! they look so rock n' roll and fashion forward!

  5. I love the hat in the 3rd picture. Perhaps a christmas gift to me? Kee~ding :)

  6. absolutely love this, such great inpiration!

  7. damn there are some mean pieces in there! im in a hat mood atm, and i want that beautiful black one as seen


  8. The shoes in this editorial are amazinggg! I love the entire badass look.

    Stolen Stiletto

  9. I adore those last two pictures! Rock n roll ;)


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