January 18, 2012


Here are new things that I have purchased lately. My sister and I have hunting down these pair of these Zara shoes! Literally, my sister has been wanting these and whenever Zara went on sale this is all she has been searching for. When we went shopping this weekend, she finally found one! Just one, and it happened to be my size!!! She was upset, but of course, I wasn't! And I also got the Apple Magic Mouse a few days ago. I've been wanting this for a long time and a few days ago Apple had this one day sale and I went for it. 


  1. Amazing shoes! Love it too. I speak for myself here but I think mouses are so much better than these touchpads we have in laptops. Specially if you manip pictures are all that.
    Thanks for the comment in my blog!
    Take Care!

  2. Wow, I looove the shoes!!:D Very stylish!!

    Stop by some time:D


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