September 4, 2011

Times Square in Korea

On Saturday, my mom, my sisters and I headed out to Times square. There are so many shops that we would have been there for couple of days if we were to go into every single one of them, so we went to couple of the ones that we liked. Out of the places we went to Muji and I loved the pen section the most. I reallly like this store because its so simple and its like another version of Ikea (Korea really should get an Ikea here.. I miss it).
I'm planning on doing some DIYs pretty soon.. so stay tuned!
Have a great Sunday everyone!


  1. love your mulberry bag!

  2. heaven! heaven! I want to travel there. It looks so beautiful. Everything is designed so much different than here, in Canada.

    I love it!

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  3. This place looks so cool! Love your ring!


  4. Great Post! Korea look so modern, with the white architecture! Looks like you guys got some good shopping done!! I want to go to korea just to buy millions of pens. ahaha. Awesome blog! Can't wait for your DIY (:


  5. nice blog i like your bag! i follow you

  6. NIce. Love stationary & bits n bobs from Muji D


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