May 2, 2011

Flea Market

On Sunday, I went to a flea market this weekend with my dad and my uncle. It was a shocker to see so many things there. And so this flea market was huge! It was so big that we couldn't look at everything.. we got too tired to do that. I took some shots with my dad's Olympus Pen and I really like this camera.

Love from Seoul.


  1. Oh my God! So many things! Even cameras! I do want of them. I wish here in Brazil we had flea markets. I mean, we do, but they don't sell really good stuff.
    I imagine all the things you found there.

    Take Care, dear!

  2. WOW i want to go there! The pictures are so pretty. Am planning to go to South Korea to work and learn about the culture soon, too good i found your blog!

  3. Boots, boots, boots... and how did that parking meter end up there? Weird. See you soon, boo.

  4. looks like so much fun! miss korea when i see this! miji <3

  5. oo i love flea markets! it's like a treasure hunt! :)


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