March 30, 2011


I work in the Hongik University area.. and I never really get to look around even though I work near here.. but I met up with a friend last friday and got to look around! This area is where all the creative people hangout. Hongik University is very popular for their Art department. So there are many people with guitars and portfolios. If any of you guys get a chance to come to Korea, Hongik University area is one of the places you should definatley visit.


  1. I love your pictures!! Great one of Einstein :P Love your blog!

    Come and see mine

  2. you spelled "definitely" wrong :).....the Einstein picture is sick, reminds of my drawings of mr. rosencrantz, the ones i did all the time in pre-calc.

  3. oooh... the rings; i want all of theemmmm!!
    hey, i'm planning to go to korea this october (if all goes well)... i was just hoping maybe you can post something on autumn outfits... or maybe you've posted them.. but i can't find them (you dont have archive links)...


Thank you for your comment!